A Walk in a Park – The Plant Edition – Jan 2011

This is a continuation of A Walk in a Park. This will have more of the plants and colors.

Hollow Tree

Hollowed out tree

Orange and Green

Orange leaves/plant on green

Red and Green

Red on green

Filtered Sun

Sun filtered through the leaves

Gorgeous sky

Orange Leaf

Leaves of Fire

Leaves of Fire


A Walk in a Park – The Birds Edition – Jan 2011

In the beginning of January of 2011, my roommate, who blogs over at Geek Girl Gourmet, and I lived in San Marcos, Texas and decided that we wanted to hit the parks. We parked the car at one of the parks and wandered through the San Marcos River park system, snapping pictures as we went along. These are some of my favorites and yes, there are fall color leaves and green leaves on the trees in January. After all, this is Texas.

Three Ducks in a Row

Three ducks all in a row on the San Marcos River

Speckled Duck Getting a Drink

Hey…why a takin’ a picture of me drinkin’?

Mallard Duck?

Don’t know if this is a Mallard but the head and beak sort of fit.

Another shot of the Mallard Duck

I think it’s a young drake…

Heron at Rest


Heron from Afar

This is a picture from the shoreline that I took the above Heron picture at

Some Oldies

I enjoy photography. I moved these from my other blog so that would would focus on my gaming. These are some older photos that I took back in 2010. I’ve not taken many pictures recently but I am hoping to change that. I’d like to get better at it.

Nature's Picture Frame

“Nature’s Picture Frame”
Taken in 2010 in San Marcos, TX by the San Marcos River. A tree seen through a large gap of another tree across the river.

Train X-ing Untouched

Train X-ing Untouched
Taken in New Braunfels, TX, Dec 2010. Train Crossing, Original Image

Train X-ing

Train X-ing
Modified image of the above picture. I wanted to get the car dash out of the way and make the train pop a lot more. I’m really proud of how this came out in the long run.